Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bright and Fun Boy Cake

This is a 10" three level chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream. that I made for my mom to take to work. It was based out of a design in "The Whimsical Bakehouse" which is a fun book on decorating. Its not heavy on the recipes, but it goes over some fun techniques that look a little bit intimidating, but are easy to pull off.

My favorite part was the ruffle on the bottom. Bows are a bear though. For whatever reason, I have the hardest time making bows, and these in particular wanted to leave the top of the cake in favor of the bottom of the cake. I had to replace two of them. Next time I'll set them half on the top, instead of the top of the side.

I think this is my best attempt at a masculine cake. While not strictly masculine it is a bit gender neutral and definitely not feminine.


Anonymous said...
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Lorraine said...

It's a very colorful cake! You failed to give us the buttercream recipe!

Arvi said...

Wow, that is impressive. That cake is so bright and cheerful. Keep up the good work!

Amanda said...

Hello! I'm only commenting on this post because it's your most recent post.

I came across your blog from the backyard chickens website. I did a search for Fresno on the message boards, and came across one of your posts. (I hope that makes sense)

Anyway, I live in Fresno and am interested in keeping chickens or something I can have as a pet for eggs(I see you have quail).

I'm just looking for any advice you may have. Thanks!

Jo said...

Lorraine: I used Brite White from the local cake store. I prefer the taste of from scratch butter cream, but for color Brite White is awesome.

Avri: I'd love to talk chickens (or quail), my friends are pretty sick of chicken talk.