Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Quail Success! Sort of ....

    Well the hatch date came and left. I had updated the quail egg donors, and they had offered to donate some chicks that they had set at the same time as the classes eggs. I was thrilled and relieved. We called the teacher and went to put them in the brooder in the classroom. While we were getting them settled in, an egg pipped, and it was day 19. We could see it moving around and it was making some noise. But no happy ending there, the chick didn't make it.

    Here are some of the donated chicks. They are tiny, less than half the size of day old chicken chicks, but lively and fun. If anyone is trying this in a classroom, I highly recommend having a contingency plan in case the eggs don't hatch. The kids are thrilled, and don't seem to really mind that the chicks didn't come from the classroom eggs. The parents are excited as well, bringing cameras to class and taking pictures of their kids next to the chicks.

Please excuse the audio.

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